With one round to go, M. Carlsen, L. Aronian, S. Karjakin, L. Dominguez, T. Radjabov, and S. Movsesian are tied for 1st in the A group.

In the B group, Kasimdzhanov won and has a chance to either catch or overtake Short.

In group C, So has guaranteed himself at least a tie for first with a win over Persson. He has a full point lead over Howell and Giri. The official corus website is www.CorusChess.com.

Kotronias defeated Nakamura and Harikrishna to lead Gibraltar with a 4-0 score. The official website of Gibraltar is www.gibraltarchesscongress.com.

It’s Saturday Open Forum. What would you like to discuss? The forum is yours.

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Chess Daily News from Susan Polgar
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