It has been exactly 2 years since I started the Susan Polgar Chess Blog, thanks to my friend Amy B. and board member of the Susan Polgar Foundation. I remember that day just like it was yesterday. Amy was visiting me at the Polgar Chess Center. During our chat, I mentioned to her (since she was a former network media person) that I was not so happy with the media coverage of chess and its events. I felt that chess events and activities are not being promoted properly.

Amy said since I am so active with the chess fans and enthusiasts anyway, why not have an interactive chess blog? This way, I can interact with everyone at once more efficiently and I can promote all chess activities faster and even better. I looked at her like an alien from out of space. I had no idea what a blog is. And since I do not know anything about programming or web stuff, how could I possibly do this?

She said don’t worry, blogging is easy, anyone can do it. Amy then showed me her own blog. I said that’s cool but I still had my doubt about being able to do this but I said I would try. The next step was to create the blogspot account Then she showed me the basic steps of how to blog. Well, that’s the birth of the Susan Polgar Chess Blog.

Exactly 2 years and 5,000 posts later (And that is only for this specific blog – There are more than 6,500 posts in all of my blogs), this blog is still going strong and growing every single day! Millions of people have visited this blog and now I can get the news out to chess fans from around the world in seconds! The best part is being able to interact with millions of Internet friends and supporters who share the same passion for chess.

I would like to thank my friend Amy for introducing me to the world of blogging! I would also like to thank ALL OF YOU for being a part of my blog. Without your support and encouragement, blogging would not be so much fun.

Yes, I do spend hours every single day for this blog but it is worth it. I love chess and I will do everything in my power to positively promote this game and set new and higher standards. I could not do it without you. So thank you again for all of your wonderful support!

I would like to mention one other item and it happened by coincidence 🙂 I just received an email from Andrew Ooi from Malaysia ( and You know him from Chess Publisher, the site that helps you publish chess games interactively for chess blogs and websites.

Here is what Andrew wrote:

Hi Susan, I’m one of your thousand of fans. (Andrew, only thousands? I am just kidding!) I know you’ve heard it before but I’ve just got to say this. You are doing a fantastic job as ambassador of chess publicity. Your work is invaluable and I must let you know that your efforts are appreciated by people (like me) as far away as in Malaysia. You have helped me promote my chess tool (Chess Publisher) by using it on your own blog. To date, there are more than 5,000 games generated and used in many chess blogs all over the world. I just got to know of your marriage and wish you all the happiness in the world. As a small gift, I’ve bought for you the domain and pointed it to your blog. Thanks and regards, Andrew Ooi

So from today, this blog can also be found under as well. Thank you Andrew for a wonderful and thoughtful gift!

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