Today, the 2006 Executive Board election is officially over. Randy Hough and Sam Sloan have been elected to the Executive Board.

Immediately following the announcement of the official results, one of the current board members wrote:

The United States Chess Federation is reaching the lowest point in its political history.

For many years, Sam Sloan used to attack board members and his credibility has been enhanced by “chess people’ who linked information to him for their own purpose. The results of this election it makes us wonder about the wisdom of the one member/one vote, as well as our effectiveness to attract good people to run for the EB.

The USCF “Rome” is burning!

Sam Sloan is the same man who posted repeated lies about me and people who are associated with me earlier this year on the USCF forum and refused to retract his statements after he was corrected. He defended his actions with more lies. I let it go because he had no official position with the USCF and it is not worth my time.

A few days ago, he publicly stated that he was the business manager of my sisters and I. This is absolutely incorrect. He was at no time the business manager of my sisters and I. Many years ago when we were very young, he did help us on a few occasions. I appreciate what he did but that does not give him the right to publicly state lies. In addition, he did not behave this way at that time.

Now that he is officially representing the USCF, I certainly expect a different behavior. I certainly will not sit back and allow a board member to knowingly post lies about me or people who are associated with me. I officially ask for an apology and retraction.

I also have a very serious concern about this election and the state of the USCF. More than 50% of the USCF members are young players. Mr. Sloan has a long history of actions and behavior that should be kept away from all young members.

How can this Executive Board close their eyes and continue to represent the USCF, an organization with approximately 50,000 young members? How can this Executive Board justify having a person like this on the board representing 80,000+ members? He certainly does NOT represent me and he never will. I rather give up my USCF membership than having someone like this represent me and the game that I spent my whole life fighting for. Are other board members prepared to ask Mr. Sloan to shut down his website and publicly apologize for his past statements and actions?

Scholastic Chess and Women’s Chess are two very important issues for me and Mr. Sloan is not suitable to even discuss either issue.

The ball is on their court. I will certainly update you with this situation.
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