So in 2nd after draw
November 2, 2010, 6:49pm

Here is the link to over 385 pictures from the SPICE Cup 2010.

LUBBOCK, Texas — GM Wesley So held his ground against top seed GM Zoltan Almasi of Hungary and escaped with a draw in the fifth round of the 2010 SPICE (Susan Polgar institute for Chess Excellence) chess championship at the Texas Tech University here Tuesday.

So battled back from an inferior position to salvage a draw with the higher-rated Almasi in marathon 105 moves of the English opening.

Overall, So had eight points on two wins, two draws and one loss after the first half of the 10-player, double-round competition organized by four-time women’s world champion Susan Polgar.

The Filipino is now tied with GM Alexander Onsichuk of the United States in second to third places with eight points, three points behind solo leader GM George Meier of Germany.

Meier, who dealt So his lone setback during their fourth-round showdown, defeated GM Eugene Perelshteyn of the United States for his third win in five games.


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