NY City Chess Mom recently brought to my attention about chess and celebrities. Here is one from Sting: “I have six children, and I’ve always encouraged all of them to play chess,” Sting said. “I think it helps to sort the brain out. You do this first and then you’ll do that and you’ll do that. It’s a very good discipline to learn for a young mind — hasn’t helped me much,” he joked, “but my children… I think it’s good.”

Some other big name celebrities playing chess:

Madonna and her husband, Guy Ritchie (who have taken chess lessons) are the best-known celebrities. But a surprising number of famous names enjoy the game: former world heavyweight boxing champion Lennox Lewis; Andrew Flintoff, the superstar of English cricket, who used to play chess for Lancashire; former snooker world champion Steve Davis; and pop stars Bono, Moby and Sting.

Interesting tidbids:

· Madonna plays chess in two of her music videos

· U2 frontman Bono said: “At 12 I studied the grandmasters, and I was fascinated”

· World boxing champion Lennox Lewis was said to play chess as part of his build-up to bouts.

· Sting and his band played a charity match in New York in 2000.

· Jude Law was a keen player at primary school.

Here is a discussion between Bono and Bob Dylan.
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