Stockholms Schacksällskap, one of the world’s oldest chess clubs, celebrates its 150 years jubilee with a grand tournament at the venerable Scandic Hotel Hasselbacken**** in the heart of The Royal Djurgården in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Hasselbacken Chess Open 2016 will be held from April 30 through May 8, 2016, in a 9-round FIDE-Swiss open format and it will be valid for FIDE rating and norms. Both Swedish and international grandmasters will be invited to compete for the hefty prize fund of 300 000 SEK (nearly 32,000 €).

27 GMs, 58 titled players and total 185 players have signed up – now there are only 65 seats left.

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Stockholm’s Chess Federation supports Stockholm’s Chess Society’s jubilee tournament Hasselbacken Chess Open with a grant that gives the tournament a chance to be something special. Stockholm’s Chess Federation’s president Jan Wikander give his comments to the decision to support the tournament:

“Stockholm’s Chess Federation’s main task is to get more people to play chess. We do this by organizing tournaments including Stockholm’s Chess Salons, but also through daily visits in schools. We have succeeded admirably, and today has approximately 13 500 registered members in approximately 220 Clubs.
My goal since 2012 when I was elected President of the Federation has been to educate more youth chess leaders, partly to get our clubs arrange competitions. Stockholm’s Chess Society submitted a well-formed application for partnership which the Board treated at two meetings. We came to the conclusion that it is self-evident that we should pay tribute to the world’s third oldest chess club that celebrates 150 years in 2016, and also see the possibility with so many Juniors as possible in the tournament.
Stockholm’s Chess Federation has had a positive development of the economy in recent years which, in the first instance, to the benefit of our member associations in their work with juniors.
Stockholm’s Chess Federation looks forward to a high-class tournament at hotel Hasselbacken and we are proud to be an active part of this anniversary. Already half a year before the tournament starts there are 200 notified participants which is sensational with chess standards!”
Greetings and good luck!
Jan Wikander
Chairman of Stockholm’s Chess Federation

Stockholm’s Chess Society Chairman Stefan Lindh said after Stockholm’s Chess Federation’s decision to support Hasselbacken Chess Openings:
“Stockholm’s Chess Federation’s contribution to Hasselbacken Chess Open warms my heart. We have for many years cooperated on many levels, among other junior tournaments, tournaments of a general nature and more.
Cooperation between the Federation and our club regarding junior tournaments will now additionally be intensified next year, the wish of both the Federation and us. Our club was also one of four clubs to found Stockholm’s Chess Federation which we are very proud of! Our club has also for many years rent space in the Federation’s fine playing venue and during all the years enjoyed working with both the chess but also with the social.
“The board of Stockholm’s Chess Society would once again like to thank the Stockholm Chess Federation for the contribution.

Top 40 seeds

No Title Rating Name Nation
1 GM 2715 Shirov Alexei LAT
2 GM 2671 Lysyj Igor RUS
3 GM 2658 Postny Evgeny ISR
4 GM 2658 Tkachiev Vladislav FRA
5 GM 2648 Berkes Ferenc HUN
6 GM 2647 Grandelius Nils SWE
7 GM 2640 S.P Sethuraman IND
8 GM 2600 Roiz Michael ISR
9 GM 2599 Mareco Sandro ARG
10 GM 2594 Rausis Igors CZE
11 GM 2582 Mazé Sébastien FRA
12 GM 2580 Vorobiov Evgeny RUS
13 GM 2579 Guliyev Namig AZE
14 GM 2577 Donchenko Alexander GER
15 GM 2569 Tukhaev Adam UKR
16 GM 2557 Burmakin Vladimir RUS
17 GM 2550 Chatalbashev Boris BUL
18 IM 2548 van Foreest Jorden NED
19 GM 2546 Hillarp Persson Tiger SWE
20 GM 2541 Rozentalis Eduardas LTU
21 GM 2536 Mikhalevski Victor ISR
22 GM 2534 Greenfeld Alon ISR
23 GM 2530 Blomqvist Erik SWE
24 GM 2523 Libiszewski Fabien FRA
25 GM 2513 Cramling Pia SWE
26 GM 2504 Cicak Slavko SWE
27 IM 2473 Lyrberg Patrik SWE
28 IM 2471 Smith Axel SWE
29 IM 2429 Stark Lars GER
30 GM 2420 Akesson Ralf SWE
31 IM 2401 Slavin Alexey RUS
32 FM 2384 von Bahr Oskar SWE
33 2382 Schneider Stefan SWE
34 IM 2380 Vasilevich Tatjana UKR
35 GM 2374 Bellon Juan ESP
36 FM 2369 Lokander Martin SWE
37 FM 2355 Hedman Erik SWE
38 FM 2332 Arman Deniz TUR
39 IM 2326 Ornstein Axel SWE
40 FM 2319 Couso Luis SWE
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