Taiyuan Scheveningen

The Taiyuan double round Scheveningen tournament will take place from July 10 to 22, 2006, with one rest day on 16th. Total prize fund $18,000 will be distributed according to the individual scores. Game starts at 13:00 Beijing Time. Live broadcast available from July 11th.

Team A Average Rating 2638

Jakovenko, Dmitry g RUS 2667 1983 M
Timofeev, Artyom g RUS 2657 1985 M
Jobava, Baadur g GEO 2651 1983 M
Asrian, Karen g ARM 2635 1980 M
Vescovi, Giovanni g BRA 2619 1978 M
Berkes, Ferenc g HUN 2601 1985 M

Team B Average Rating 2628

Bu, Xiangzhi g CHN 2664 1985 M
Zhang, Zhong g CHN 2639 1978 M
Wang, Yue g CHN 2626 1987 M
Zhang, Pengxiang g CHN 2622 1980 M
Wang, Hao g CHN 2610 1989 M
Ni, Hua g CHN 2607 1983 M

This is one of the reasons why the Chinese players improved so much.
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