The ACP World Rapid Cup Announced
by GM Mikhail Golubev for

The 3rd ACP World Rapid Cup will be organised by the Pivdenny Bank in Odessa, Ukraine on 22-24 May 2009.

As usual, it will be a KO tournament with 16 participants. In accordance with the ACP rules, 13 of 16 spots are given to the players who qualified from the ACP Tour 2007/08. The total prize fund will be USD $57,000. The winner receives USD $10,000. Viktor Korchnoi has been invited as a commentator for the spectators.

According to the tournament director, WGM Masha Klinova, as of 22 April the following 11 Grandmasters have already confirmed their participation:

Jakovenko (2753), Grischuk (2748), Movsesian (2747), Gashimov (2730), Bacrot (2728), Naiditsch (2700), Eljanov (2693), Efimenko (2682), Najer (2669), Tregubov (2628) and Drozdovskij (2603).

The official tournament website (in Russian) is the chess site of the Pivdenny Bank,

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