Published on March 01, 2009 at 6:21 PM BG
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Bulgarian chess Grand Master Vesselin Topalov put an end on February 26 to the semifinal match of contenders for the chess crown conducted in Sofia. With his victory in the 7th party of the match against American Gata Kamski, Topalov collected 4.5 points against 2.5 for Kamski and won the game.

In the last party they played there was no drop of any doubt as to who was better. So Topalov will head in autumn in a bid for the chess crown currently in possession of World Champion Vishvanatan Anand from India, with all chances of becoming world champion for the second time.

Experts and analysts from all over the world are unanimous in their comments on the match, namely that Vesselin Topalov won logically and deservedly, showing a higher class than his American adversary. They point out that throughout the entire match the Bulgarian was dominating over his opponent and duly qualified for the match against Anand. Topalov and Kamski will share an award fund of 250 thousand USD.

Who is Vesselin Topalov? On March 15 he will turn 34. He is world champion of 2005-2006 of the FIDE version. In April 2006 he headed the FIDE list with a chess coefficient ELO 2804 points after great Russian master Gary Kasparov withdrew from active sports career. In April 2006 Topalov is still first with his top achievement of 2813 points. That places him second in the all-times list of only 4 masters having ever reached an ELO above 2800.

He is also one of the six chess masters to have topped the world rank list after 1970 when FIDE officially took up the ELO as a measure of chess players achievements. The other five are Bobby Fisher, USA; Anatolii Karpov, Russia; Garry Kasparov, Russia, Vladimir Kramnik, Russia and Vishvanatan Anand, India.

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