Michelle Obama

Indeed, according to family friends, Michelle’s father was a volunteer organiser for the city’s Democratic Party, a by-word for machine politics in America, and his loyalty was rewarded with a well-paid engineering job at Chicago’s water plant. Even before overtime, he earned $42,686 – 25 per cent more than High School teachers at the time.

Michelle’s mother stayed at home and devoted her energies to her and her older brother Craig. Marian Robinson nurtured great ambitions for both her children, along with the traditional values which are now serving Michelle so well.

Television was all but banned in favour of homework, debates about the issues of the day and improving games of chess.

Bright and determined, Michelle was awarded a place at one of Chicago’s first ‘magnet’ schools, which offered special programmes for gifted children. By the time she was 13, she was taking a college-level biology course.

Source: Daily Mail

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