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It will come down to the final round in the A group. All top 3 leaders have White in the final game. Carlsen will have White against Caruana. Shirov will have White against Dominguez. And Kramnik will have White against Karjakin. Anand with a small outside chance IF Carlsen loses, and Kramnik / Shirov draw or lose, and IF he can beat van Wely with Black.

What is your prediction?

Group A

L. van Wely – V. Anand
N. Short – J. Smeets
H. Nakamura – S. Tiviakov
M. Carlsen – F. Caruana
V. Ivanchuk – P. Leko
A. Shirov – L. Dominguez
V. Kramnik – S. Karjakin

Group B

A. Naiditsch – E. l’Ami
W. So – A. Muzychuk
V. Akobian – D. Howell
P. Negi – A. Giri
P. Harikrishna – T. Nyback
L. Nisipeanu – E. Sutovsky
D. Reinderman – Ni

Group C

D. Vocaturo – S. Swaminathan
S. Plukkel – B. Bok
L. Chao – Z. Peng
R. van Kampen – S. Kuipers
K. Lie – M. Muzychuk
N. Grandelius – R. Swinkels
A. Gupta – R. Robson
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