China won the Silver at the 2006 World Team Championship. The Gold was within their grasp. China also captured the Silver at the 2006 Olympiad in Turin. They just defeated the world team at the Taiyuan Scheveningen event.

Their women players already captured a number of Olympiad Gold medals. China also produced 3 Women’s World Champions: Xie Jun, Zhu Chen and Xu Yuhua. Their newest star Yifan Hou is a Women’s World Champion in the making. Zhao Xue is also another potential Women’s World Champion.

I credit their successes to GM Xie Jun, the first true chess superstar in China. She is very actively involved with the chess development in China.

I expect Bu Xiangzhi (former world’s youngest GM) to be the first Chinese GM to cross the 2700 mark. The future of chess in China is very bright.

Do you agree with my assessment?
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