Other than the upcoming SPICE Cup, when was the last time a 10 player International round robin invitational tournament in the US a category 12 or stronger? Can you name that tournament? Can you name all the players?

Please send your answers to SusanPolgar@aol.com, post it right here (you must be a registered member of google or blogspot) or on www.ChessDiscussion.com. There will be very special prizes to 3 random winners who submitted the correct answer including a signed copy of the Official Program book by all 10 players.

The contest will end on midnight on November 14.

In order for you to enter the contest on www.ChessDiscussion.com, you need to have an account to post your answers. If you are not yet a member, please feel free to register for a FREE account. It would only take you about 30 seconds or so and you can join in many interesting and informative debates and discussions.

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