We have the power to put chess on National CBS TV. But we have to unite and I need your help!

Here is the article about What Makes A Good Story?

Steve Hartman Tells You What Works For Assignment America… And What Doesn’t

..Finally, and most importantly, if it’s a story that really caught your interest – if it’s something you couldn’t wait to tell other people about – chances are I’ll feel the same. Hope this helps. And I look forward to your ideas.

Steve Hartman, CBS

Suggest a chess story by sending an e-mail to Steve Hartman (assignment@cbsnews.com) at Assignment America.

But we need to unite and agree on WHICH story to ask CBS to discuss. So please tell me which story is inspiring and which story can help chess on a national scale by getting on CBS News!

One suggestion so far came from Victor Flores:


As you may have heard by now Fernando Spada and Fernando Mendez, two of Brownsville’s finest chess players, appeared in this month’s issue of Texas Monthly Magazine. The story appears to have gathered enough interest that CBS may consider doing a national story on the young boys if there is still more interest. In order to generate interest, people have to vote online this Friday or Saturday after the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric has been aired.

Below are more details but in a nutshell this is what is being asked:

At 7pm Eastern Standard Time this Friday, February 9th, after the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric airs, go to www.cbsnews.com click on the Assignment America icon andvote for the Fernandos story. The sooner people vote the better but theycan vote until midnight EST on Saturday.

Please help me spread the word.

Victor J. Flores

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