Yesterday, I talked about the recent USCF election. Today, some new information came out and it is what I had feared the most.

The USCF has been run by basically the same people for decades. Many of these people do care about chess but they have their own “slate” / “group” and they do not like each other at all. Sometimes people switch sides but the petty ugly politics remain. They would do anything and everything to destroy each other, regardless of the welfare of chess or the USCF.

A few years ago, one group got control of the USCF and the other group vowed to take control back. They campaigned hard and they succeeded. Then the group that was ousted wanted revenge. So they went out to endorse a candidate with a criminal record and many other problems. Why? If the battle cannot be won then let’s destroy everything so the opponents will be the rulers of a fallen empire.

What happen to the best interest of chess? What happen to the best interest of the USCF? What happen carrying out the mission of the USCF? Who cares! It is more important to seek revenge and destroy your opponents, even if that means to support and endorse a convicted criminal who has no business representing 50,000 young members of the USCF.

The level of hatred, vindictiveness and pettiness has reached an all-time low.

The constant bickering, fighting and backstabbing is destroying the USCF but these people just do not care.

I am more appalled than ever at this kind of behavior. Yes, I am probably one of the most hated people to these politicians because I fight for chess, I fight for my fellow chess players and I fight for what I believe in. I fought gender, age and religious discrimination through out my chess career and I will continue to fight for the well being of chess.

Then there is another group of people who do not trust either of the chess political group. So they voted for a convicted criminal to keep both sides honest. How ironic! This is how bad it has become.

I believe that we should do everything we can for the best interest of the game we love. Any corporation that wants to do business with the USCF would do background check on this organization. What does it say when a convicted felon is on the Executive Board? What does it say when a convicted criminal is proud to publicly brag about his criminal conquest?

These are the words of Mr. Sloan about some of the people who endorsed him:

“Leroy Dubeck (Past President of the USCF and the NJ State Chess Federation) called a Special Meeting of the New Jersey State Chess Association just to announce that he was supporting me for election to the Executive Board and to recommend that the association endorse me for election, which it did.”

I am just completely stunned by this! So we have a past President of the USCF endorsing a convicted criminal! This is the state of chess in America! When is it enough?
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