Women Chess Cup 2006 (on the occasion of Football World Cup 2006)

Organizer: City of Dresden, Organizing Committee of the Chess Olympiad 2008 and the German Chess Federation

Venue: Shopping Centre Karstadt Dresden, Prager Straße 12, 01069 Dresden

Modus: One player is invited from each country which has qualified for the Football World Cup. There are 8 preliminary groups according to those of the World Cup (annex). A round robin tournament will be played in order to determine the first two players per group. Thereafter a knock out system will be used.

Replacements: If a federation will not send any own player, this one will be replaced by a German one.

Tournament Rules: The rapid chess regulations will be applied. Each player receives 25 minute plus 10 seconds per move. In the case of a draw blitz games will be played.

Title: The winner receives the title “Women-Chess-Cup-Winner-2006”

Time schedule:

Thursday, 06.07.2006 – Arrival

If we have the arrival time from the players, we will arrange the transfer from Dresden airport to IBIS Hotel.

Opening Ceremony in “Schloß Albrechtsberg Dresden”, 19:00 hrs

19:00 hrs Grand opening by Sports Mayor of the Capital Dresden, Winfried Lehmann

19:15 hrs Show: “August der Schwache” alias Rainer König accompanied by „Graf
Brühe“ alias Olaf Böhme on the chess board

19:45 hrs Distinction of the German Masters 2006


Handover a bounty by the bank Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden

20:00 hrs Blitzmatch German national team / Women-Chess-Cup – players against an assortment of celebrities

Transfer to the IBIS Hotel.

Friday, 07.07.2006 10:00 hrs Opening

Preliminary round / 8 groups with 4 players

10:30 hrs First Round

12:00 hrs Second Round

14:30 hrs Third Round

16:00 hrs Eighth Final

19:30 hrs Dinner for all

Saturday, 08.07.2006 10:00 hrs Quarter Final

14:00 hrs Half Final

16:00 hrs Finale

18:00 hrs Presentation Ceremony

19:30 hrs Dinner for all

Sunday, 09.07.2006 Departure
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