Lucky Better Than Good

An early own goal by Brazil in Sunday’s quarterfinal match gives the U.S. the lead at halftime. A lucky break for team USA. You can watch it live on ESPN.

Team USA is 19-1 when they lead at half time while team Brazil has never won when trailing at the half. But this is still far from over. Brazil is a very good team and they have the most lethal scorer in Marta.

Yesterday, Japan scored the biggest upset in Women’s World Cup history by beating 2-time defending champion and host Germany 1-0 in overtime.

The referee should be ejected for incompetence. She gave a red card to a US player and a penalty kick to Brazil when the play did not warrant a red card. The US goal keeper, Hope Solo, made a brilliant save only to receive a completely bogus yellow card and a rekick for Brazil. Marta scored on the 2nd penalty kick to tie up the score 1-1.

The score is 1-1 at the end of regulation. They will go into a 30 minute overtime.

Brazil scored another controversial goal. The replay clearly showed that Brazil was offside but the call was not made. Marta scored the go ahead goal. 2-1 Brazil.

Wambach scored for team USA in injury time to tie the score up at 2-2! Now penalty kick to decide which team advances to the semifinal! I still believe that this was one of the worst officiating games in the World Cup this year.

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