World Youth 2012

The Municipality of Maribor and Šahohlačnik, Organisation for Chess, under the patronage of the Government of Republic Slovenia and Slovenian Chess Federation, have the honour to invite all the FIDE member federations to participate in the World Youth Chess Championships 2012 (under 8, under 10, under 12, under 14, under 16 and under 18 years old – open and girls), which will take place in Maribor, Slovenia, between November 7th (arrival) and November 19th 2012 (departure).

Maribor is the City of Sport, with the rich and very successful tradition in organizing big sports events. The most known is probably “Golden Fox”- race for the Ski World Cup with its 50 repetitions. Countless sports objects and natural possibilities for various sports are our trademark in the World.

Maribor is the City of Nature, with the beautiful river Drava that divides City in two parts and with green hill Pohorje which practically lies on the edge of the City Centre. Our Tournament hall is in the middle of this heaven. Is it even possible to imagine better chess conditions than these in the clinch of nature?

Finally, Maribor is proud European Capital of Culture in 2012 and during this year we host many attractive events. Chess and the program BLACK&WHITE WORLD are an important part of this whole year celebration and The World Youth Championship 2012 is one of the topic events of this program. We are preparing many surprises and inviting many unexpected guests that will wait on you during the championship.

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Join us in our old beautiful city! Become a part of the big sport-cultural celebration!

Let’s tell this story together.


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