Xie, Jun with Xu, Yuhua (from Xie’s website)

With the Black pieces, Xu defeated Galliamova in the third game to capture the 2006 Women’s World Knockout Championship! The final score is 2.5 – 5. She was one of my pre-tournament favorites due to her experience with the knockout format. She won 2 World Cups with the same format before.

Galliamova, Alisa (RUS) 0-1 Xu, Yuhua (CHN) View

White had a difficult position to defend. However, the final mistake on move 43 was the last straw. Better would have been: 43.fxe6 Rg1+ 44.Bf1 fxe6 45.Rh5+ Kf6 46.Rh4 Ng3 47.Rf4+ Kg6 48.Bd2 =+

Congratulations to Xu, Yuhua! She certainly will not be the last Chinese who will win the Women’s Title.

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