If you are just as outraged as I am about the recent USCF Executive Board Election, you can do something about it! You can call or write to your state delegates and let them know the truth about Mr. Sam Sloan. If your state delegates do not attend the US Open then anyone can be nominated to be a delegate. The most important thing is vote.

In order for Mr. Sloan to take office, he has to be certified by the delegates of the USCF. I strongly believe that a sexual predator (by his own admission) and a convicted felon should not be allowed to serve on the Executive Board of a non-profit organization with tens and thousands of young members.

Mr. Sloan lied about his criminal record. He told the members of the USCF that he has no criminal record while the chess community clearly knows that he spent a considerable amount of time in jail. Mr. Sloan also publicly admitted that he had inappropriate sexual relations with minors. He also publicly admitted to other illegal and criminal conducts.

He lied about me. He lied and attacked people who are associated with me and the Susan Polgar Foundation. He lied and attacked other members, sponsors, supporters and partners of the USCF. He spares no one.

I know first hand what Mr. Sloan is capable of. I will post the letter I wrote on the official USCF forum in the comment section of this post. Please feel free to look at it.

As a group, we must protect the young members of this federation. We must protect all members. We must protect the integrity of the United States Chess Federation. Together, we can stop this monster! Please contact your state delegates and let them know what you think. Thank you!
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